Birthday Week!

My birthday week started Friday evening when each of the grandmas took the kids. Bubbles went with their dad’s mom and Buggy went with my mom. I had grand plans to clean the house, make some candles, crochet some hats, just generally get caught up on all the things that get pushed to the side. Chasing the baby and playing Legos with the Bug are far more important than housework.

Well these plane were derailed when my uncle called me. We talked on the phone from 10:30ish until 4:30 in the morning. It was so very nice to catch up with him. When he calls it is like talking to my dad. It makes me so happy that he thinks about us and wants to spend his time talking to me. Though that phone call was so long I didn’t get anything done and ended up sleeping until one in the afternoon. No complaints it was a good talk.

I plan to do something fun in prep for my awesome party every night this week. I’m crocheting a Sorting Hat to be a table center piece, making some butterbeer hopefully, and some decorative bunting. I finally get to have my Harry Potter themed party I have been trying to plan for year. So excited!!!

I’ve also decided I’m not going to be 27. I am not that old…I’m turning 25 for every birthday I can until I finally look too old to pass for 25. I took a poll and as of right now the general consensus is that I don’t look older than 23 so that’s good.

It is so good though to have a day where you can be in charge and whatever you say goes. I love being spoiled for a day. The sad part is my brother couldn’t get it off work, and my boyfriend has to work. Either way it will be awesome.

Gotta go baby is napping and I have to get to work on  cleaning the house, even if it gets undone ten minutes after he wakes up. It’s the show of effort that counts right?

On the matter of writing…

I have been very motivated lately, and working on my book. I forgot how much enjoyment fiction writing brings me. Seriously though, the best way to spend the morning when your boyfriend and toddler are napping. I just brew some green tea and get to work. The main problem I’m facing is which story to work on or do I start over? I’ve written some practice passages and re-read my old work.

I feel that my older stuff is so scattered, or that its all the same. I could clean it all up and put it together changing names and places. I am not sure though if that’s the best way. The only way to find out for sure is to just get to it and try one way or the other. Though for now, I think I’ll spend at least another two weeks just working on descriptive passages and character developments.

In other news, I was on the news in my town for running craft fairs. It would have been wonderful, however I ran out of the house that morning with little to no time into my appearance so I looked god awful. Good thing I can always use the excuse that I have kids. My oldest thinks I’m famous for being on the news, so that helps.

I had promised to be more active on here, I don’t know how many times in the past, I always find something else that takes up my time. Good thing I don’t depend on my blog for any income!

Though with this adventure of writing that I decided to get back on the path of, I will probably be posting a lot more. Little things, but tidbits and tips I find as I go along the way. I’m excited. The baby needs me so I have to cut this short.

Gluten Free Eating

I have been aware of my food sensitivity for the last five years. I go back and forth on eating like I should though.

These websites are awesome! I love the recipes and food ideas. There are so very many options for gluten free eating that actually tastes good if you just find them. You can pretty  much make anything gluten free that you ate before, it’s adjusting your opinion of the taste that seems to be the problem.

Gluten Free on a Shoestring
Elana’s Pantry

Gluten Free Goddess
Gluten Free Mommy
No Gluten, No Problem

I have personally cooked at least three of the recipes on each of these sites. I don’t know what I would have done if it weren’t for google and gluten free recipe blogs!

Much love, until next time!