30 Day Writing Challenge Day 22: 10 things about you people don’t really expect…

I am a very open person so there isn’t much about me that surprises people. I feel like I should ask people about this one before I actually answer it.

1 ♥ I don’t like pie, like at all, but I am a really good baker. Made some pretty awesome pies in my day, none of which I enjoyed but I was asked to make more for the people who have eaten them.

2 ♥ I’m a little overweight, but I am allergic to gluten.

3 ♥ I can recite the alphabet backwards.

4 ♥ I am really good at crochet, so people think that I can knit well, but I cannot.

5 ♥ I love rainbows but most of my wardrobe is in a grey-scale.

6 ♥ I have a nephew who is 18, and I am only 25.

7 ♥ I could go either way, sex with women and sex with men. However I could never date a woman because I know how we think…and we’re all bitches at heart.

8 ♥ I am terrified of dogs… and size 12 times new roman font makes my knees tickle with the bad kind of anxiety.

9 ♥ I love the smell of cigarettes.

10 ♥ I am very perceptive, I just choose to ignore all the things I learn about a person in hopes that the good comes out and surprises me.

11 ♥ I like to keep a journal in a notebook. Nothing like the pen to paper thought expression.

12 ♥ I am terrified of the ocean. There are creatures in there that could kill you in a second. However I am transfixed by its beauty. Brings me to tears everytime I see it in person.

13 ♥ I have never travelled outside the northwest United States.

14 ♥ I was a straight a student in elementary school, but after that I started to fail. Though I always excelled in forign language, art, and english.

15 ♥ I had both of my babies without a spinal tap or epidural.

16 ♥ I have been cheated on by literally every one I have ever dated, yet I haven’t given up completely on love. I believe that under the right circumstances it can be achieved, however it is rare and needs work.

17 ♥ I don’t know how to take a compliment, and I don’t know how to love myself completely. Though, I don’t think anyone can really tell this because I am a bubbly cheerful person.

18 ♥ All I need is some music and some art project or craft and I can solve any mental problem I am currently facing. Though I think people can tell this about me. I’m running out of things.

19 ♥ I know how to shoot a gun really well, though I don’t own one, and don’t plan to unless I move to a bigger city.

20 ♥ I have never had a three way with two guys.

Whew! That was a little hard. I think I am pretty predictable.



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