Prince EA… Must watch!

This guy is amazing. I cry watching his videos often because he is so truthful and to the point.

All of his videos are worth a watch. I’ve watched many and I share this with people all the time. I just love the message of this one, and there is another one “Why I think the world should end.“Amazing. For a few moments me and my boyfriend just sat there speechless thinking about these videos and of course we had to look into him more.

I can honestly say that the Auto Correct Humanity video has inspired me to make serious changes in my life and I have. I spend far less time one the computer and more time with the kinds. Instead of facebook gaming lately I’ve been reading and painting. I feel so much happier when I am not staring at a screen all day.

Anyhow, until next time!

Knitting a Baby Sweater…video post

I recently taught my friend the basics of knitting once I got it down. I taught her how to cast on and how to do the knit stitch. Now she is addicted. We are so opposite it is funny, I am very skilled at crochet and I am very fast at it. With knitting I lose interest very fast. I am slow at it and my stitches are even and cables twist right, but for some reason I just can’t seem to get fast with it.

Anyhow, here is the video of the week.

I intend on making one of these when I finish my crochet sweater I am doing.

Changing the Challenge…

So as I am sure you all have noticed I didn’t do the 30 day challenge yet again. I am starting to think my new life in this house is too demanding to do a challenge like these. I did it to inspire blogging, but it started to feel more like a chore than a relaxing break from life.

So I invented a new thing. Once a week I intend to watch a youtube video, probably TedTalks or a tutorial and write how it inspires me or what I learned from it. I watch youtube all the time when I want to learn things, so it shouldn’t be hard to take it one step further and just write about all the inspiration and creativity that buzzes around after.

Sick Babies, Burning Bridges and Time to Catch Up

So everyone here has been really sick, so since I’m mom and mom rules the house I had to fight my cold and help everyone else fight theirs. I don’t mind it though. I love being a mommy. Though a lot of super stressful stuff happened also.

Tomorrow I plan to update on all the back posts I missed.

So, to address the burning bridges part of the title. So I have a friend who only seems to have negative things to say to me. It breaks my heart a lot. She’s only interested in talking when she is in town and makes a lot of promises to my kid that she can’t keep. So, yeah after she called my 5 month old obese this last trip to town I am just done. He is in the 90th percentile. He is perfectly healthy, just tall and chubby. I have asked his doctor if him being big is going to be a problem and she told me I have nothing to worry about. So yeah.

Anyhow, just thought I would post that I haven’t forgotten about my challenges. Though since I was so sick I am starting the fitness one over.

30 Day Challenges Day 3

Photo of Clouds:


I took this yesterday thinking since its Montana and the weather changes so much that it might be sunny today. Rained all day.

Ten likes or dislikes:

1♥ Like: The way when the thunder rolls through the valley I feel like a child, excited about the storm but wishing I had my dad’s hand to hold.
2♥ Dislike: That when I tell my son it is time to leave he argues, regardless of how long we were there or how much countdown time I gave him.3♥ Like: Rainbows… of all kinds. I like them in the sky, I like them in print. I literally organize everything by color in the rainbow order. My closet, my yarn, my books. Yeah, everything. I love them.
4♥ Dislike: People who call and leave messages when they could have just texted. Not sure why, but I hate listening to voicemail. Hate it. If I have a voicemail it will sit in my inbox for weeks sometimes before I check it.
5♥ Like: Beard kisses. I love when my man has facial hair. Love it. His kisses are a bit scratchy but that’s what it feels like to kiss a man.
6♥ Dislike: People who go into public smelling like a sewer. Like I get it bo happens sometimes, though some people you can smell from very far away. Maybe I am a little shallow, but odor is a huge turn off.
7♥ Like: The way my baby can snuggle now. He lays his head on me and rubs his face on my shirt. Its my favorite kind of hug. I love cuddling with both my boys on the couch. Its probably a mommy thing, but there is just something about it that makes my heart so happy.
8♥ Dislikes: Fake friends. People who pretend they are your friend until they get what they want from you and then leave. I am dealing with a situation like that right now. It hurts because you thought you were friends, but it sucks the most because when someone uses you it cuts deeper than just losing a friendship.
9♥ Likes: The smell of baby. I mean all but the dirty diaper smell. I love the milk breath, weird I know. But I love it. I love his skin smell, and the smell of his baby wash.
10♥ Dislike: Feeling unwanted. When I spend a great portion of my time trying to make someone happy to no avail it really cuts deep. Then I feel like that middle school girl who was dumped on Valentine’s day by a boy who had another girlfriend the whole time and was dating me as a joke.


Fitness Challenge:


So my boyfriend showed me the proper way to do a squat and let me tell you I felt it today! Though the pushups are getting easier. Thinking its time to go down one step. I did the challenge first and some yoga after. I like doing it this way, like a nice stretch after I make my muscles sore.

30 Day Challenges Day 2

What you wore today:


It was a pretty laid back day. Would show a picture from earlier but a baby puked all over me. He likes to save it for me. Don’t mind the mess, i’m still sorting stuff out from the move.

Where you’d like to be in ten years:

Ten years from now my first born will be 16 and my youngest will be 10. I would like to have a full time job, be quite a bit thinner, more active, and fit. Though most of all I’d like to be happy. I don’t need a ring on my finger to be in love so I am not worried about marriage. We’re happy now and if we continue how we have been in the past few months, I think it will be great in ten years. We just have to not fall back into how it was last year before the baby.

I would like to be making money from my photography and from my crocheting a little more. Honestly I want to own my own shop. Or be a partner of shop ownership. It has been a dream of mine since I was young.

Fitness Challenge:


I completed day 2. It was a tad harder than yesterday. I also did another day of yoga. Though the xbox kept freezing, and the dog kept getting in the way. My six year old who used to do yoga with me when he was three did it also. He had a blast! :) Maybe by the end of this month I’ll be strong enough to do the pull up rule at our house! We have a pull up bar on one of the kitchen archways and the guys made a rule that anyone who walks under it has to do five pull ups. They are good at it, but I am at least 60lbs over weight so I have no intentions of doing it until I get a little stronger. Don’t want to break the thing down on myself!

30 Day Challenges Day 1



I figured since it was a photography challenge I would take a photo today. My 4 month old refuses to nap so I had to do it quick with little primping.

Write some basic things about yourself:

I really love crafting and making things. If I can make something that looks like things they sell in the stores, then I don’t have to buy it. I have two wonderful kids and an amazing boyfriend.I really like to spend my time with them all together like a family.

Fitness Challenge!

Using this challenge I completed day one and did the first of a five day yoga thing on Xbox Fitness.